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Jacaranda Assault!

I know I haven’t posted anything in a long time. That is because I’ve been so distraught that the world didn’t end when the ancient Mayans allegedly predicted it would. I am hopeful that the modern Mayans, who didn’t believe … Continue reading

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The World Really IS Going to End!!!!!

Around 3,100 BC the Myans in southern Mexico crafted a calendar that comes to its end on December 21, 2012.  Now, this isn’t just the ravings of a couple of bat-crap crazy American Christian ministers who have been wrong repeatedly … Continue reading

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Gringos: Can’t Live With ‘Em; Can’t Deport ‘Em

Gringos in San Miguel alternately fill me with amusement and consternation.  Some examples: Things gringos can’t live without:  They have found a way to import…wait for it… Wolf’s Brand Chili!  (The retching sound you hear in the background is me…retching.  To any Southwesterner who … Continue reading

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We’re Number 33! We’re Number 33! Viva Mexico!

Viva Mexico!  We’re number 33!   On Saturday morning when Mexico played Brasil for soccer gold, the normally crowded streets of San Miguel were empty except for a few tourists. Overall, Mexico ranked number 33, earning 7 medals–1 gold, 2 silver, … Continue reading

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Necessity Is a Real Mother….

Say you want to deliver some rather large items, like quantities of fruits, through the narrow, clogged streets of San Miguel while saving money on gas and maintenance. What to do? Here’s one hand-crafted solution: One of these machines worked so well, … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo Explained

Today is Cinco de Mayo, widely celebrated in Mexican-American communities in the US, as well as in every bar, regardless of the ethnic persuasion of the customers.  But why? Well, here’s what Cinco de Mayo really means: Cinco = Five … Continue reading

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From 0 to 70 in Only Four Back-breaking Days

The house I’m happily renting has a large roof terrace that I’ve largely ignored, believing it was too hot up there.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered it is pleasantly cool in the mornings and downright chilly in the evenings, … Continue reading

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Monster Lizard Invades My Home!

A giant lizard invaded my house and climbed up the wall!  Oh, horrors!  The cats keep attacking his tail, and I fear for their safety! Actually, he’s kind of friendly.  He told me his name is Leroy.   Ummm, since he’s … Continue reading

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Oh, Jesus!

When the conchero dancers are doing their pre-Columbian thing around the Jardin, you know Jesus and the Virgin are coming soon. In the lead up to Holy Week (Semana Santa) we have Friday before Palm Sunday to contemplate the Sorrows of the … Continue reading

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Emergency Spanish Lesson!

This is an important message for all gringos, regardless of geographic location, who want to show their ethnic sensitivity by giving year-end greetings to their Spanish-speaking friends (i.e. the household help). The Spanish language uses a few accent marks that show which syllable to … Continue reading

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