Jacaranda Assault!

I know I haven’t posted anything in a long time. That is because I’ve been so distraught that the world didn’t end when the ancient Mayans allegedly predicted it would. I am hopeful that the modern Mayans, who didn’t believe the world would end, but only that a new era would begin, will prepare a new calendar. This being the modern era, they won’t have to carve it in stone, a slow process even with power tools. Surely they will prepare and publish it on the internet. Any day now we should be able to download it and compute when the world really will end–or when another calendar is needed. Since that won’t happen for about 5,000 years, I can’t realistically expect to be here when it happens.

But, on to the topic of this post:

Jacaranda (ha kah RHAN da) trees have a profusion of deep purple blossoms in the spring, and they are rife in San Miguel. From the roof terrace of my former apartment, I could count 40 of these large, colorful, floral balls. Because they flower before leafing out, the color is very intense.

The jacaranda may be the most beautiful ornamental tree in the world, or at least is in a three-way tie with redbuds and dogwoods. (The banner above this post shows several of the trees in the early stages of bloom, before the full color develops.)

All is not well, however. I’m severely allergic to the pollen. The first couple of seasons, I mostly lay on the couch, munching antihistamines and cursing the damn trees. Last spring I underwent acupuncture treatments for a number of allergies. After 8 months of weekly treatments, the only positive result was clearing this one allergy (and enriching the acupuncturist), so I stopped. Without further treatmennts, the allergy will return.

So,I’m preparing a soft, comfy spot on the sofa in front of the TV, grateful that this is also tennis season so I have something worth watching. I’ve also brought in a 55-gallon drum of Sudafed.

Assuming that I survive jacaranda season, I’ll be back in touch.

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4 Responses to Jacaranda Assault!

  1. Nora says:

    hey good morning Dora. this is Nora, the person who shares the earliest Colleen appt’s. I wondered if we might have a book exchange. I haven’t read the one you recommend… but I have Mexico A brief History by Alicia Hernandez Chavez — the first history of Mx I’ve had that was written in spanish, and by a woman. QUITE a different take on things! interested? if so, we might meet a a cafe in a convenient place…. Nora

  2. Susan k says:

    Hey Dora… I am worried you may have overdosed on Sudafed. Say chirp … Or something. Susan, Johnson City

  3. Marc says:

    I understand the lapse in your posts – and wonder how some continue to post regularly, though they’ve started to skip lately. Having recently suffered from the Jacaranda blight, myself after 4 years here in SMA, just looking forward to your wry posts.

  4. Patricia Neal says:

    Hi Dora. I hope that you are well and are still out finding adventure! I miss your posts!

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