Never Try To Outsmart a Cat

This is a lesson I keep having to relearn.  It only frustrates you and bores the cat.
In an earlier blog, I mentioned putting sharp gravel in the flower pots on my front porch and the wall to keep the community cats from napping on the geraniums.
Didn’t work for long.  Their thinking went something like this:  “Oh, look, she made us beaches.  And the geraniums make such nice mats.  Let’s soak up some rays.” 
One of the fattest ones likes to sit in a round pot about 8 inches in diameter.  He’s so big that he slops over the edges. 
Thinking (foolishly) that I could still outsmart them, I put pieces of broken pottery in the pots, “sharp” side up.  Of course, the cats just pushed the shards down and crushed the smaller plants during their 18-hour nap times.
At least one cat decided to get up on the roof terrace and use a long pot with 2 new, beautiful geraniums as his litter box.  He pretty much destroyed the geraniums.  I tried the sharp shards trick, figuring I’d find them kicked out of the pot the next day.  No, but they didn’t even slow him down.
Finally I put more shards flat side down in the pot, covering the whole surface.  That has slowed him down.  The geraniums are slowly recovering.
This contest is not over. I know the damned cat is plotting his next move. 

After a while I admitted to myself that geraniums weren’t going to survive where I wanted them to.    I solved the problem by planting cacti in the flower pots.  The cats still walk along the rims of the pots, but they don’t squash these plants.  Score one for the human!

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3 Responses to Never Try To Outsmart a Cat

  1. upinak says:

    LOL well 1. that fat cat is female and pregnant. 2. If the soil is dark they will lay on the dirt even more…. for warmth and 3. try a squirt bottle and spray them. The cactus is a good idea, but don’t hurt the cats… they keep the mice down around your building.

    Good Luck! LOL

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